Free yourself from labels,
wears an ideal

Ethics, design, health

The vision of a sustainable, ethical and healthy production model becomes a reality. From the heart of Puglia, Apulianize is the answer for those who want to wear an ideal by doing without labels, all of them.

"In the land of hospitality, a product that embraces the values ​​of tradition blends with the environment and with health."

I designed Apulianize by comparing myself with local and national workers. The dream of a container that could become a symbol of a certain type of textile production but also of safety for health, all this made reality is Apulianize.
Benedetto Dabbicco
Creator of the project

Information & Research

Since May 2021, the Apis Laboriosa blog has been collecting unpublished documents and content on textiles and health thanks to the contribution of professionals in the sector and multidisciplinary.  

Qualità & Salute

Tutto ciò che è a contatto con la nostra pelle interagisce con il nostro organismo. Siamo impegnati nella duplice missione di sensibilizzare le persone al riguardo e offrire un punto di vista alternativo, sostenibile e sicuro.

Design & Production

We enhance the creative talent and productive power of the local Apulian workers. We believe in a textile production system that is innovative, committed and aware. We believe in the value of relationships and social networks. Are you a manufacturer, entrepreneur or designer? 

Sustainable, Ethical, Healthy

Born in Puglia, it arrives everywhere.

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