“Accidenti a questa nebbia
Te set adre a laurà
Questa lega è una vergogna
Noi crediamo alla cicogna
E corriamo da mammà”

Here He comes again, the protector of children St. NicholasThe St. Nicholas stocking item is confirmed for the current season with a new graphic designed by artist Nico189. Also confirmed is the song "O scarrafone" whose verses sound more current than ever. A sock made with a cotton yarn from Filmar, associated with Tessile e Salute, and certified OEKOTEX. In production, Calzificio Chiara of Racale.

“Donna Cuncetta parlate
donna Cuncetta dicite
‘o tiempo d’e cerase è già fernuto
dint’a stu tuppo niro
ci stanno tutt’e paure
‘e nu popolo ca cammina sotta ‘o muro”

For the knitwear, on the other hand, a nostalgia-laden herd, "Donna Cuncetta," was chosen, and in the garment the cherries themselves are reproduced, a symbol of the arrival of the beautiful season in our land, Puglia. Made with a cotton yarn by Marchi e Fildi, 50% recycled and 50% new (Ecotec), from the Altamura-based knitting mill Abaca. This yarn is also certified by OEKOTEX and Tessile e Salute, among others.

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