Textile and Health Association

The Textile and Health Association was born in 2001 in Biella but its activity has national significance. Since its foundation it brings together different subjects but equally interested in designing, producing and selling textiles, footwear and accessories safe for consumers: business and consumer associations, institutions, health authorities, research institutes.

The primary objective of the Textile and Health Association is the protection of the health of the consumer of textile, footwear and fashion products.

The Texile adn Health Association is convinced that only by working synergistically with all Stakeholders (public and private) it is possible to identify the most effective solutions to counter and prevent the spread on the Italian and European market of potentially harmful items as well as to protect and promote Made in Italy.

In fact, while Italian and European producers operate in a strict legislative context that prohibits the use in the manufacturing processes of certain chemicals considered dangerous and are subject to the REACH regulation, many imported items are manufactured in countries where they are substances are allowed or tolerated and therefore present a greater degree of danger. There are also frequent cases of counterfeit items, that is bearing images and logos "copied" by famous fashion houses but offered to the public at ridiculously low prices. Italian producers also complain of an objective disparity in international trade relations: in fact, they encounter many difficulties in exporting their products to many countries due to protectionist legislation, while foreign producers are allowed to import freely into Italy and Europe without special controls. The commitment of the Textile and Health Association is therefore also aimed at obtaining commercial relationships based on reciprocity and respect for the environment and consumer health.

But it is not just a matter of censoring incorrect behavior and withdrawing dangerous products from the market: it is important to enhance and support companies that operate legally and are committed to designing and creating innovative, sustainable products capable of improving the quality of life. of people. Consumers can also do a lot in claiming their right to purchase safe items, produced in respect of the environment and in conditions of social equity and worker safety.


They support and collaborate with the Textile and Health Association among others:

The Textile and Health Association avails itself of the support of the national medical scientific societies, social partners and consumer associations.

  • Referente tecnico di Camera Nazionale della Moda
  • Referente tecnico di Istituto Superiore della Sanità
  • Referente tecnico di Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Salute
  • Collaborazione con Federchimica
  • Authors of the guidelines on eco-toxicological requirements for chemical mixtures and industrial waste from manufacturing companies (3/4/2018)
  • UNFCCC Climate Action in the Fashion Sector Dialogue. Bonne, 16-17 January 2018.
  • On 16 and 17 January 2018, Tessile e Salute participated in the event organized by the UN in Bonn, moderated by the Unfccc (United Nations framework convention on climate change) and focused on sustainability and CO2 abatement in various areas: water, land, oceans, industries, renewable energy, transport and fashion. On this last point, the president Franco Piunti and the entrepreneur Paolo Piana have witnessed the serious and competent experience of Textile and Health over the years. Textile and Health was, in fact, invited to the conference as an example of “Good Practice” at a national level and as a model to be inspired by at an international level.

Authors of the guidelines on eco-toxicological requirements for clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories (26/2/2015)

Certificazione Ethic-Et

Tessile e Salute svolge da diversi anni un’attività di certificazione/ispezione allineata ai criteri standard ISO 17020:12 “Requisiti per il funzionamento dei vari tipi di organismi che eseguono ispezioni”, come emerge da un audit in corso con Certiquality.

I marchi di certificazione UE rappresentano una nuova tipologia di marchio il cui scopo è certificare determinate caratteristiche di prodotti e servizi, ad esempio la qualità.

Il marchio di certificazione UE ethic·et di Tessile e Salute è stato rilasciato in data 3 Novembre 2020, al numero 018191731.

E’ diverso da altri marchi in quanto l’Associazione è un soggetto “terzo” (Impresa Sociale con al suo interno tutti gli stakeholder) e poggia su un preciso Disciplinare Tecnico di ispezione delle filiere produttive. Tra i propri obiettivi spicca quello di promuovere le imprese europee che già da tempo adempiono alle numerose Leggi e Norme in ambito ambientale, della sicurezza e del sociale. Il progetto è supportato dall’Istituto Superiore di Sanità e dalle Associazioni dei Consumatori.