Clothing made in Puglia and certified Textile and Health

The Apulianize concept

Apulianize is a showcase for textile products made in Puglia. Underlying the project is the desire to enhance Apulian productions, which are rich in tradition and expertise. Making the collections unique are three evaluation criteria with which we examine the items that will be distributed on the platform: made in Puglia, sustainable and healthy. We make use of various certifications that guarantee this uniqueness, selecting yarns that focus on energy conservation, recycling, environmentally friendly cultivation of the raw material so that we can trace the entire path of the finished product that will arrive in your homes.

What are we talking about?


quality at the right price


individuals not labels


local companies


Research and information

Ethics and Vision

Attraverso le iniziative che Apulianize porta avanti vengono approfonditi: i temi della parità di genere; lo stile cosiddetto “neutral” proponendo articoli identici ma su taglie differenti per donna e uomo;  collezioni oversize per chiunque preferisca taglie forti; 

Apulianize: the good and the beautiful

We started from the various applications of yarn, knitwear and hosiery above all. From the distribution point of view, for knitwear, only the btb channel is proposed (with a minimum order of 10 items), while for hosiery, both btb and btc are proposed. Clearly, should you opt for btb, please contact the platform directly at

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